Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/22


Image from   The Arsenal 2021/22 home shirt has been revealed by the YouTuber/entertainer Chunkz along with the tag line 'Where We belong'. Many comparisons have been drawn already

Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/222021-07-16T15:39:34+01:00

Denmark – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Another day, another Euro shirt review. We are looking at Group B today and Denmark. These are only short, snippet reviews and we welcome your input, and

Denmark – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-22T12:36:40+01:00

York United FC – 2021 Review


Image from Here we have for your consideration the York United Fc 2021 shirt. We had to do a snippet review of this Canadian League shirt due to its

York United FC – 2021 Review2021-03-05T16:59:18+00:00

LA Galaxy 2021 Community Kit


Image from We want to see what you rate this shirt. I’m sure kit lovers the world over have by now seen this marvellous creation set to take the

LA Galaxy 2021 Community Kit2021-02-25T08:54:33+00:00

AFC Bournemouth Away 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from Hands up who was expecting a turquoise AND teal colour scheme in the shirt world this season? There’s a lot going on here – raglan sleeves (fine),

AFC Bournemouth Away 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T10:00:52+00:00

AFC Bournemouth Home 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from One of half a dozen Umbro-made shirts in The Championship, and one of the better. The Cherries’ traditional black and red stripes are faded so that they

AFC Bournemouth Home 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T09:29:44+00:00

West Ham 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from Love the West Ham colours and love the way they have done it this year. A simple design done really well. There is something nostalgic about the

West Ham 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T14:13:28+00:00

Sheffield United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from More white than in previous years. This shirt hits the mark. Cool collar and the combination with the Adidas stripes on the shoulders really works. The colour

Sheffield United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T13:54:29+00:00

Newcastle United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from Black and white stripes look on point and the red lettering is fantastic. Cool Puma logo. The sponsor has destroyed the chances of a great shirt here.

Newcastle United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T13:52:12+00:00

Manchester United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from Red with a mixed-paint pallet effect within the material. I appreciate the effort to do something different but it falls short of looking great for me. They

Manchester United 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T13:49:58+00:00

Manchester City 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from This is one of the bolder decisions from the kit designers, making the shatter glass type detail within the front of the material. I like it and

Manchester City 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T13:47:13+00:00

Burnley 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from Colours? Fantastic. Collar? Great. Style? Very pleasant. Sponsor? Oh dear Lord... The shirt has some good points but it is very hard to get away from the

Burnley 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T11:53:39+00:00

Brighton 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


 Image from Wow. This is a masterpiece. Brighton have taken bold steps with the 2020/21 home shirt: thin stripes, collar and a dash of yellow to name a few.

Brighton 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T11:49:00+00:00

Aston Villa 2020/21, Home Shirt Review


Stadium version Image from The Aston Villa 2020/21 home shirt features the staple claret and blue but a new sponsor, ‘Cazoo.’ The kappa logo stands proud on the right

Aston Villa 2020/21, Home Shirt Review2020-11-09T11:43:20+00:00

Hidden Gems – Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts FC


Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts are a registered charity and an SFA quality-marked community football club based in the port town of Inverkeithing in Fife, on the north bank of the River

Hidden Gems – Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts FC2020-11-04T15:27:07+00:00
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