Name the Premier League XIs


As another season comes to a close, we ask the question: How well do you know the Premier League? Try and find the starting XIs from the Premier League Winners

Name the Premier League XIs2022-05-16T16:09:22+01:00

Can you name the Premier League trios?


It's Quizman time! Can you name the Premier League Trios who have each scored 15 or more goals in the same season? Let us know how you get on and

Can you name the Premier League trios?2022-05-12T13:26:11+01:00

Quizzical – Africa Cup of Nations 2019


It seems like everyone is enjoying the Africa Cup of Nations this year. But, how well do you remember the last tournament? Yes, my fixation continues.   Today's quiz is

Quizzical – Africa Cup of Nations 20192022-01-14T15:59:38+00:00

Africa Cup of Nations – QUIZMAN!


Take on the Quizman challenge... I have been in a bit of a Sporcle-rut recently. I have come out of my obsession with the Countries of the World and Premier

Africa Cup of Nations – QUIZMAN!2022-01-12T16:55:15+00:00

Name That Shirt #3


Name That Shirt 1 Point for correctly naming each team. 1 Bonus point for naming all the years. ANSWERS BY TWITTER!   Here are today's close ups: Difficulty Level: International

Name That Shirt #32021-08-27T17:27:04+01:00

Name That Shirt #1


We had a bit of fun on Twitter a good few months ago with a close up challenge to name the shirt. It was fun so we thought, why not

Name That Shirt #12021-07-01T13:45:34+01:00

Premier League Goal Scorers By First Letter Of Surname


We've been searching Sporcle for the best quizzes. Here's a good thinker from our favourite league:   Click on the link and post your results:        

Premier League Goal Scorers By First Letter Of Surname2021-06-24T14:24:22+01:00
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