With the Premier League coming to a close, we consider your opinions on the greatest ever Premier League XI. A hotly debated topic: what is the greatest Premier League XI?

ALL TIME PREMIER LEAGUE XI2022-05-16T20:50:59+01:00

Name the Premier League XIs


As another season comes to a close, we ask the question: How well do you know the Premier League? Try and find the starting XIs from the Premier League Winners

Name the Premier League XIs2022-05-16T16:09:22+01:00

Can you name the Premier League trios?


It's Quizman time! Can you name the Premier League Trios who have each scored 15 or more goals in the same season? Let us know how you get on and

Can you name the Premier League trios?2022-05-12T13:26:11+01:00

Liverpool v Spurs – Who Will Win?


Today sees Liverpool take on Spurs as our pick of the Premier League matches. The game kicks off at 19:30. It's live on BT Sport or listen live here on

Liverpool v Spurs – Who Will Win?2022-05-07T14:21:38+01:00

Premier League 100 Club


Image from   Can you name the players that have scored 100 or more goals in the Premier League?  

Premier League 100 Club2021-09-26T17:39:35+01:00

FEVER PITCH – The Rise of the Premier League


Image from   BBC iPlayer has launched 3 episodes so far of Fever Pitch ‘The Rise of the Premier League’ and it is an absolute triumph. The show is

FEVER PITCH – The Rise of the Premier League2021-09-22T11:47:27+01:00

Newcastle 2021-2022 Kits


Image from   CASTORE and Newcastle United have completed their three shirts for the 2021/22 season. A lot to talk about. Not all positive, but by no means all

Newcastle 2021-2022 Kits2021-08-28T14:01:52+01:00

Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 3


FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE - GAMEWEEK 3   JOIN THE KITSMAN LEAGUE HERE: CODE: h0goxd   Stewart from The Kitsman here. Yes, I have been drawn into FPL yet again.

Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 32022-09-12T12:17:24+01:00

Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/22


Image from   The Arsenal 2021/22 home shirt has been revealed by the YouTuber/entertainer Chunkz along with the tag line 'Where We belong'. Many comparisons have been drawn already

Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/222021-07-16T15:39:34+01:00

Premier League Goal Scorers By First Letter Of Surname


We've been searching Sporcle for the best quizzes. Here's a good thinker from our favourite league:   Click on the link and post your results:        

Premier League Goal Scorers By First Letter Of Surname2021-06-24T14:24:22+01:00

York United FC – 2021 Review


Image from Here we have for your consideration the York United Fc 2021 shirt. We had to do a snippet review of this Canadian League shirt due to its

York United FC – 2021 Review2021-03-05T16:59:18+00:00

Crystal Palace 2020/21 Away Shirt


Image from Talking points: The stripes but not all the way to the top of the shirt; the sponsor in gold; similarity and differences to the home shirt. Here for

Crystal Palace 2020/21 Away Shirt2021-02-18T21:33:21+00:00

Chelsea 2020/21 Away Shirt


Image from Talking points: simple yet smart design, sponsor within colour scheme, pattern on the front of the shirt. Here for your consideration we have the Chelsea 2020/21 away shirt.

Chelsea 2020/21 Away Shirt2021-02-18T21:12:00+00:00

Brighton 2020/21 Away Shirt Review


Image from Stand out: The yellow! It may be derisive amongst the fans, shiny-looking in areas but the blue compliments it well. A world-beater? Here for your consideration we

Brighton 2020/21 Away Shirt Review2021-02-21T19:18:30+00:00

Gameweek 25 – Fantasy Football Tips


image from Hi, and welcome to The Kitsman’s weekly Fantasy Premier League segment. Today marks Gameweek 25, we are into the second half of the Premier League season, and

Gameweek 25 – Fantasy Football Tips2021-02-19T18:30:20+00:00

Aston Villa 2020/21 Away Shirt Review


Image from Stand out: The colours. Loving the colour choices made by Kappa and Villa here. The black, claret and blue compliment the home shirt really well whilst remaining

Aston Villa 2020/21 Away Shirt Review2021-02-18T20:30:08+00:00
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