Middlesbrough Third Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Now we’re talking. Limited edition talking at that. Only 1800 issued, did you get one? 32Red have buggered off kindly abdicated for this ‘Boro third shirt, and

Middlesbrough Third Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T14:40:44+00:00

Middlesbrough Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Another piece of eye candy from ‘Boro and Hummel that is best enjoyed with a squint so that the sponsor looks regular sized. Nostalgia is to the

Middlesbrough Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T14:33:24+00:00

Middlesbrough Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Sound the Hummel horn. Hummel getting involved in club nostalgia and personal touches? They love it, just love it. A large part of me loves this throwback

Middlesbrough Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T14:30:48+00:00
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