Czech Republic – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from   A final look at Group D today. Czech Republic provide our discussion topic for the day. Home A really nice design in the shirt that you

Czech Republic – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-03T14:34:15+01:00

Scotland – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from   Another delve into Group D today and the turn of another home nation: Scotland. Home This is a good mix of blue, black and white. I

Scotland – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-15T12:27:01+01:00

Croatia – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Croatia are next up in our escapade through Euro 2020 shirts. Check out all the other reviews and much more by surfing through the website. Home The

Croatia – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-27T11:14:41+01:00

England – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Our voyage into the realms of Euro 2020 kits brings us to Group D today and a completely non-biased opinion of the England shirts. Home I know

England – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-27T10:48:28+01:00

North Macedonia – Euro Shirt Reviews


Home A bold effort by Jako. A red and yellow number with a good focus on the traditional flag. Kitsman Rating: 7.8 Away A good inverse of the home shirt

North Macedonia – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-12T15:53:00+01:00

Ukraine – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from We continue our perusal of all the Euro 2020 shirts and our focus for the next few days moves to Group C. Ukraine are the team in

Ukraine – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-10T20:03:17+01:00

Netherlands – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from We continue our perusal of all the Euro 2020 shirts and our focus for the next few days moves to Group C. Netherlands are the team in

Netherlands – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-25T12:14:02+01:00

Switzerland – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Our Euro shirt reviews continue with the final team from Group A - Switzerland. Home The home shirt is a forgettable plain red with the odd horizontal

Switzerland – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-03T14:41:11+01:00

Wales – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from On with another review from Group A and the first of the home nations. Home The home shirt is plain red and yellow with an interesting V-style

Wales – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-19T15:31:24+01:00

Italy – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from With the Euros starting this month, we move on to another team in Group A with Italy. And here follows the incredibly difficult task of rating and

Italy – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-05-19T15:20:04+01:00
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