QPR Anniversary Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Launched to pay the bills homage to Rangers’ famous 1976/76 45 years ago, this white and red half and half shirt is similar to the one worn

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QPR Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Strange things are afoot at QPR, as they seem to have rolled-out a Forest shirt, and this actual season’s Forest shirt at that. There’s not much difference

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Bristol City Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Sound the Hummel horn. First appearances can be deceiving. With a quick glance this looks like a smart red shirt with some white trim, and that is

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Brentford Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Is it woolly? Is it a misty morning? Is it an old TV with no signal? Whatever it is, I like it. (It’s actually just ‘marl’). A

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Brentford Home Shirt 2020/21 Review


Image from footyheadlines.com Understated elegance from Umbro and Brentford, here. Classic, clean red and white stripes, promoted by black pinstripes. I enjoy the way the white and black of the

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Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com One that’ll likely divide opinion, I think. It’s not really for me – I see it as a red shirt with a bit of blue trim and

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Barnsley Third Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com The type of shirt that’s likely to make people come up to you on holiday and say ‘I’ve never met a Burton Albion fan before.’ That’s the

Barnsley Third Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T11:03:48+00:00

Barnsley 2020/21 Away Shirt REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com One for the Blockbusters fans out there, or the Beekeepers, as there’s not much going on here other than the hexagons in the background that you might

Barnsley 2020/21 Away Shirt REVIEW2021-01-04T10:54:32+00:00
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