Watford Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Here come Kelme, like the new partner that gets leathered and tells your gran to eff-off the first time they meet the in-laws. They’re fresh on the

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Swansea Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Here come the Spaniards, as Joma ride into Swansea, or should that be sail into Swansea, on the crest of the weird wave they’ve splashed all over

Swansea Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T18:53:51+00:00

Stoke Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Stoke bring us the return of the Macron for the final time in this year’s Championship, and there’s a familiar feeling to the Italian manufacturer’s other team-ups

Stoke Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T17:13:25+00:00

Rotherham Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com This season’s Rotherham shirts are the second and final contribution to the Championship from Puma, and this home shirt is exactly what I’d see if I closed

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Reading Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Classic with a few modern frills here from the Reading/Macron home combination. The blue and white hoops synonymous with Reading are the cornerstone of the design –

Reading Home Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T16:00:24+00:00
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