Watford Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Here we go, great effort from Kelme and Watford. It’s not flashy, far from it actually, and there’s so much white I’d probably be scared to ever

Watford Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-29T10:50:09+00:00

Stoke Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Not one for epileptics, this, with more zig and zag than an episode of The Big Breakfast (one for the 90’s heads, there). Luckily, I can handle

Stoke Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T17:18:15+00:00

Sheffield Wednesday Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com Oh joy, another grey kit. Another grey camo kit. Much like the Forest effort, this is pretty much bobbins – grey camo covers the entire shirt, with

Sheffield Wednesday Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T17:10:09+00:00

Rotherham Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com This is simple in design but still smart, a sure case of less being more. It’s got pinstripes which immediately puts you at risk of looking like

Rotherham Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T16:50:45+00:00

Reading Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com The away effort from Reading & Macron this year is something a bit different without getting giddy, and I like it. It’s a half and half number,

Reading Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T16:06:39+00:00

Nottingham Forest Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW


Image from footyheadlines.com One look at this took me right back to high school geography lessons, specifically the one covering contours on a map. It’s got wavy lines across it,

Nottingham Forest Away Shirt 2020/21 REVIEW2021-01-04T15:32:02+00:00
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