Ronaldo vs Messi – The Shirt Debate

Image from footyheadlines.com   Will Ronaldo Sell More Shirts Than Messi?   This is a good question and one that was raised when discussing how much money Ronaldo would bring to Manchester United in shirt sales. Some suggesting that shirt

Name That Shirt #3

Name That Shirt 1 Point for correctly naming each team. 1 Bonus point for naming all the years. ANSWERS BY TWITTER!   Here are today's close ups: Difficulty Level: International - Intermediate               10%

Vaporised Part 3 – “No more Templates”

Welcome back to this three-part series on the history of Nike’s Vapor. If this is your first read, I highly suggest you take a quick read of part 1, which introduces Nike’s Vaporknit technology, its use in Euro 2016 and

Newcastle 2021-2022 Kits

Image from footyheadlines.com   CASTORE and Newcastle United have completed their three shirts for the 2021/22 season. A lot to talk about. Not all positive, but by no means all bad. There's something for everyone here. I think the away

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