Can you name the Premier League trios?

It's Quizman time! Can you name the Premier League Trios who have each scored 15 or more goals in the same season? Let us know how you get on and what future quizzes you would like to see.  

Liverpool v Spurs – Who Will Win?

Today sees Liverpool take on Spurs as our pick of the Premier League matches. The game kicks off at 19:30. It's live on BT Sport or listen live here on Talk Sport.   Predictions This game comes with a lot

Singapore Premier League – The League Behind the Kits

The Singapore Premier League is a league with some shirts that would interest any collector. I chanced upon the league last year after perusing Facebook on The Kitsman account. I came across Geylang International FC and decided to contact them

BWT Alpine F1® Team x Miami GP Alpine

F1 fanwear keeps grabbing our attention and today is no different. The Miami GP collection is looking grand. All the apparel takes on the Floridian theme of sunset and palm trees. They certainly are a fresh look for Formula 1

Rare Lincoln City Shirt a Huge Success

Lincoln City have released a rare 'community shirt' that celebrates the local RAF history. The rarity comes as only 100 were made available at the launch. The shirt is an absolute delight. Just take a look...   This also comes

Quizzical – Africa Cup of Nations 2019

It seems like everyone is enjoying the Africa Cup of Nations this year. But, how well do you remember the last tournament? Yes, my fixation continues.   Today's quiz is provided by Pilgab:     Let us know how

Can you name the Africa Cup of Nation’s nations?

The Quizman Returns (this really isn't sticking but I'm determined).   The latest AFCON quiz comes from Serlingist. Credit and thanks to you. See how you get on... Let us know your scores and as always please report any discrepancies...to

Africa Cup of Nations – QUIZMAN!

Take on the Quizman challenge... I have been in a bit of a Sporcle-rut recently. I have come out of my obsession with the Countries of the World and Premier League sections and have found myself looking at the very

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