“People on the move”

I’ve been a fan of Kappa for quite some time. The brand just keep upping the game year after year, season after season. They revolutionise the way we look at football shirts. It’s just a very ‘excitable brand’. Some of their shirts live long in the memory. The Italy 2000 shirt always comes to the forefront of my mind. That was also made famous for the birth of the KOMBATâ„¢ shirt. A more tighter and tailored fitted shirt, giving players that tactical edge on their opponent.

Here lives a celebration of the Kappa brand. Here I’ll show more of why I fell in love with them and how fortunate I’ve been to be able to partner up and offer YOU discounts and promotions with the Italian giants of sport.

Napoli 18/19 Home shirt (Grab from the animated promotional video)

Throughout Kappa’s timeline, they’ve had some very memorable partnerships. Napoli, which you can see above is one of those partnerships that just seems right. Some more noteable partnerships that come to mind would be Barcelona, Real Betis, Juventus & Roma.