Sudan – Africa Cup of Nations


Sudan's home shirt for the Africa Cup of Nations is revealed here: The shirt has intricate triangular patterns throughout     The badge SOLO SPORT   White collar and trim

Sudan – Africa Cup of Nations2022-01-11T16:03:45+00:00

Newcastle 2021-2022 Kits


Image from   CASTORE and Newcastle United have completed their three shirts for the 2021/22 season. A lot to talk about. Not all positive, but by no means all

Newcastle 2021-2022 Kits2021-08-28T14:01:52+01:00

Spurs Away 2021/22


Image from This shirt should raise some eyebrows. I certainly did not see something quite this bold coming from Nike for an away kit. 100% recycled polyester plastic from

Spurs Away 2021/222021-09-05T12:26:08+01:00

Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/22


Image from   The Arsenal 2021/22 home shirt has been revealed by the YouTuber/entertainer Chunkz along with the tag line 'Where We belong'. Many comparisons have been drawn already

Arsenal Home Shirt 2021/222021-07-16T15:39:34+01:00

Manchester United Home Shirt 2021-22


Image from The Manchester United home shirt has finally been released. After a series of leaks and some hype and expectation, it does look similar to expected but with

Manchester United Home Shirt 2021-222021-07-15T12:23:09+01:00

Mexico 1998 Home Shirt Review


Image from - click here and use KITSMAN10 for 10% off   This could be the best shirt we’ve ever reviewed. Of course that’s down to personal opinion, but

Mexico 1998 Home Shirt Review2021-09-05T12:40:25+01:00

Willem II Away Shirt Review


Image from   I had to pick my favourite out of the four selected over on Twitter for a short shirt review. The Willem II 125th Anniversary Away shirt

Willem II Away Shirt Review2021-07-04T10:28:03+01:00

Galatasaray 19/20 Review


Image from   A rare find on the ASOS website at £21 has inspired a short review of this sharp Galatasaray 2019/20 shirt. I’m not sure if it’s another

Galatasaray 19/20 Review2021-07-03T10:23:32+01:00

Germany – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Our final brief look at the Euro home and away shirts today. Last but by no means least is Germany. Home A simple design executed very well.

Germany – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-02T13:50:56+01:00

France – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from We continue with Group F today and the turn of France. Home A nice band of red across the middle separating the two-toned blue. A neat shirt.

France – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-02T13:43:22+01:00

Portugal – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from We continue with Group F today and the turn of Portugal. Home This makes a really nice Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I’m not sure about a football

Portugal – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-22T09:10:21+01:00

Hungary – Euro Shirt Reviews.


Image from Home The three white Adidas stripes all the way down this shirt, the touches of green and the blending of different reds really make this a desirable

Hungary – Euro Shirt Reviews.2021-06-02T13:31:10+01:00

Slovakia – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Group E today and we move on to the kits that Slovakia are wearing for the tournament. Home A decent but uninspiring white home shirt. Kitsman Rating:

Slovakia – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-02T13:21:47+01:00

Poland – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Group E today and we move on to the kits that Poland are wearing for the tournament. Home and Away Keeping it very simple today. Not a

Poland – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-19T17:41:15+01:00

Sweden – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Group E today and we move on to the kits that Sweden are wearing for the tournament. Home The usual yellow but with a two-tone effect differing

Sweden – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-02T13:08:52+01:00

Spain – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from Group E sees us start with group favourites Spain. Home It is the red and yellow/gold combination that we have become accustomed to with Spain but with

Spain – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-17T15:53:56+01:00

Czech Republic – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from   A final look at Group D today. Czech Republic provide our discussion topic for the day. Home A really nice design in the shirt that you

Czech Republic – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-03T14:34:15+01:00

Scotland – Euro Shirt Reviews


Image from   Another delve into Group D today and the turn of another home nation: Scotland. Home This is a good mix of blue, black and white. I

Scotland – Euro Shirt Reviews2021-06-15T12:27:01+01:00
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