“You collect football shirts, really?” – That’s often the response I get. I ask myself that same question.

If I had to tell you what football shirts meant to me in one sentence… well it’s impossible. It’s a combination of feelings and emotions. Someone once asked, “When did you start collecting?”. I think I had to make something up. It kind of just went from having a few shirts, to adding new shirts monthly. I’m proud of my collection, as each shirt tells a story. The shirts aren’t just a club, a nation or a crazy sponsor. Shirts have stories, nostalgia and memories attached to them. From my honeymoon in Sorrento, to a pokey Lincoln charity shop, the thrill of a new shirt is something that only a fellow shirt enthusiast can explain.

I’ve taken all this passion and pumped all of my time and effort into creating and cementing a beacon of light for all like-minded fans of kits. I created The Kitsman; a social media loudspeaker to reach out to my fellow peers.