Saturday sees Liverpool take on Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The game kicks off at 20:00. It’s live on BT Sport or listen live here on Talk Sport.



Liverpool enter the game in great form. Despite missing out on Premier League glory, they are still chasing a treble of cups and this one is arguably more important to the players and fans. Liverpool have statistically come off slightly better in the historical look back at the stats…



Real Madrid will be looking to add to their dominant La Liga success. We predict the two teams will line up like the below:




Score prediction: Liverpool 2 – 2 Real Madrid. Liverpool Win 5-4 on penalties



The Shirts Behind the Teams

We can’t analyse a game without discussing kits. So, here’s another excuse to look at our favourite Liverpool home shirt from the recent era.



For Liverpool, I have chosen a wonderful Carlsberg era, collared delight. The 2006-2008 shirt came just after their 2005 champions league victory. Some wonderful players wore the kit too…


Images from


Real Madrid

The 90’s and 00’s Madrid shirts just cannot be overlooked. They absolutely scream nostalgia. I’ve gone for this one…

Images from

Having said that, I really love the blue on this year’s Real Madrid shirt. I have also purchased 4 Madrid shirts in recent years during the end of season sales. I still can’t bring myself to buy the shirts when brand new. Have your say here on new shirts vs shirts 1-3 years old:



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