Today sees Liverpool take on Spurs as our pick of the Premier League matches. The game kicks off at 19:30. It’s live on BT Sport or listen live here on Talk Sport.



This game comes with a lot of history. Liverpool have statistically come off better in the Premier League and particularly at Anfield. They also go in to the game in amazing form and with something huge to play for. Spurs are very hit and miss, beating teams by 3/4 and then losing by 3/4. Take a look at the history of this fixture…




Score prediction: Liverpool 3 – 1 Spurs

The Shirts Behind the Teams

We can’t analyse a game without discussing kits. So, let’s look at my favourite Liverpool home shirt and Tottenham away shirt of the Premier League era. As always, these are completely personal tastes and owe much to sentimentality.



For Liverpool, I have chosen a wonderful Carlsberg era, collared delight. The 2006-2008 shirt brings back some nostalgia to boot…


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There’s a little back story behind this choice. A few years ago we at The Kitsman were perusing charity shops in Lincoln looking for any potential football shirt bargains. In one particular store there was nothing in the store but we decided to ask the gent behind the counter, “You don’t happen to have any football shirts do you mate?” After a slight look of confusion, “What do they want that nonsense for?” The gentleman went into the back and came out with a big plastic box. Inside the plastic box were around 20 football shirts. 10 or so were horrific local Sunday League team shirts, however 2 were Manchester United 95-96 home shirts with Cantona 7 on the back and one was the Tottenham 2002 away shirt. We promptly paid the bargain £5 for each shirt and went on our way with beaming smiles on our faces. Needless to say, the 2001/2002 Holsten sponsored classic became our favourite Spurs shirt of the Premier League era.

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Of course this year’s Spurs Away shirt split opinion massively and here at The Kitsman we have been big advocates of it. It’ll be sad to see it and lot’s of others go. Look at our ‘it’ll be sad to see you go’ tweet story below for more info.


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