Here we take a look at the Ethiopia national team home, away and third kits.

The 2021/22 season’s shirts are an “ode to the colours of the countries national flag and traditional textile patterns known as ‘Tibeb’. These decorative designs are used throughout Ethiopia and Eritrea, traditionally to signify cultural affiliations and for special occasions and ceremonies.”

“For 21/22, the green home jersey features a pattern of triangular shapes in contrasting shades of green. The look is completed with a crew-neck collar in green and tri-coloured cuffs on the sleeves.”

Kitsman Rating: 7.6

It is refreshing to see a different pattern within the shirt for both the away and the third shirts.

Kitsman Rating: 7.8


All three kits have something unique and desirable about them. The certainly contrast enough in style.


Kitsman Rating: 7.2


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