Image from classic football shirts


Football shirts are everywhere when you look for them as much as I do. This is story about how a simple trip to find some paint resulted in the bonding of two strangers over weird and wonderful football shirts. Let’s start at the beginning. One warm Saturday afternoon, the wife suggests that we spend all day trying to paint the spare bedroom, getting all hot and bothered and making an absolute hash of it and probably end up arguing. Of course I leapt at the opportunity. First on the agenda was to buy the paint that the Mrs wanted. I had a fleeting thought that I’d have to change out of my Geylang International FC 2021 home shirt before starting to paint. My wife knew exactly which paint she wanted and I had no clue. So of course it was me that went into the shop looking round for a colour only slightly lighter than Elephant’s Breath. After several minutes searching and refusing to ask for help, I found the items I desired and then made my way to the counter and said, “Just those please mate,” to the cashier.

“Alright mate. What shirt is that?”

“Geylang International FC”

“What league are they in?”

“The Singapore Premier League.”

“That’s a rare one.”

“I’m a bit of a collector you see so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get it.”

“Really mate. I’m a collector too. My most unique is probably my shirt from the Afghan Premier League.”

The conversation continued and ended with me asking for his Twitter and asking him to follow us. I thought it was quite a remarkable thing that football shirts can start up conversations, allow us to open up and reveal so much about our hobbies and personalities. I never did find out if he did end up following us on Twitter and the closest I could find to his shirt is an Afghanistan International shirt £18 on CFS with code KITSMAN10. It is quite regular that these little chats happen and I thought it was time that I documented one.