As you may have seen on our Twitter, I recently came across a Nike FC jacket. After a bit of digging around, here is some context to the jacket and Nike FC in general. Nike FC was established in April 2014 as a way to pay homage to all the players sponsored by Nike over the previous 20 years.


As the official website descirbesโ€ฆ


โ€œNike introduces Nike F.C. โ€“ not just a collection but also a badge of honor representing passion, talent, irreverence and most of all the willingness to put it all on the line.โ€


And the relevance of the jacket?


โ€œSince 1998, the Nike N98 Jacket has played a starring roll in football history. First worn by Ronaldo, prior to stepping onto the field for Brasil, the jacket is now worn with pride by footballers worldwide. Now evolved, with a lowered collar and updated hem design for a modern look, the Nike F.C. N98 Jacket extends the story of the iconic garment. “Sem risco nรฃo hรก vitรณria,” the Nike F.C. motto, is inscribed on the crestย and translates toย “without risk there is no victory.”


This provided a little bit of clarity to me as to what exactly I was looking at. Anything R9 related is really hard to resist.


How much would you guys value the jacket at? Is it a valuable piece or just an attempt to sell more merch?