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The Vasco da Gama badge has been updated. It raises the question, should teams keep their badge the same through the years/decade/centuries or should there be an element of change to stay modern and relevant? We’ve taken to social media to get your thoughts.


Here is what Vasco da Gama’s website says *Warning dodgy translations to be expected*.


“Revise and update, without losing your roots. It is in this sense that the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama announces adjustments to its shield. This is a brand redesign project that presents a balanced and harmonious graphic solution, enabling the creation of a more coherent and up-to-date visual identity.


A pioneer club like Vasco needs to keep up with market trends, which is undergoing a movement of brand and identity modernization. And its centenary history, which carries glories, struggles, achievements and purposes, also needs to be in constant evolution, without forgetting our origins.


All elements are part of the Club’s history and are in our day-to-day life, and now we have a more symmetrical brand, with almost imperceptible changes. The shield’s unmistakable shape had irregular thickness, now corrected. The new CR and VG monograms were inspired by the famous Vasco da Gama statue, present at the social entrance of São Januário, and bring alignment of the typographic pattern. The sash, so characteristic, now has a standard 45º angle, and Cruz continues in its prominent place, with all the weight and grandeur it deserves. The Caravel, which had different stroke styles and details that made it difficult to apply, is now more imposing and sails forward over strong waves and with inflated sails, representing bravery and dynamism.”

The Kitsman of course applauds the effort made to ensure the badge is representative of history whilst noting the needs for evolution. Our tweet has certainly gained some interest so far…

What are you opinions on this badge change and badge changes in general? Let’s get your opinions in before an opinion poll.