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The Arsenal third shirt in all its glory. What a delightful shirt. The lightning strokes are back and combined with the beautiful colours, this is certainly our pick of all the Arsenal shirts this season. But, with most retailers pricing this delightful number at £85, we wonder if it is worth the price tag and if it can be found at a reasonable price. Or, should you wait a year or two and hope the price plummets?


Kitsman Rating: 8.7


The Arsenal official website would possibly be the first port of call and it can be found there in all standard sizes for £65. Not cheap but maybe worth it for a die hard Gunners fan, however we’d be hoping for somewhere a bit cheaper as a neutral.


One of our favourites, Kitbag, has the shirt for £52 when using the code: READY upon purchase. Personalisation is an additional cost. £52 is about the right side of reasonable for such a lovely shirt but perhaps you’ll chance your arm and wait for the sales? What would you be willing to pay?


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