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We continue our perusal of all the Euro 2020 shirts and our focus for the next few days moves to Group C. Ukraine are the team in focus for today. These are only short, snippet reviews and we welcome your input, and pictures if you own the shirts.


Yellow map of the Ukraine embedded in the material with a blue trim. This is an upgrade from last year’s home shirt but I’m not sure about all these teams bringing out shirts just before the Euros. It’s good for business but it isn’t good having to rewrite these articles because teams keep changing their shirts. Rant over.

Kitsman Rating: 7.5

The same as the home but a reversal of the colours.

Kitsman Rating: 7.5

As always, let’s see what you think about the shirts. Leave your own reviews, get in touch on social media and keep an eye out for our other Euro shirt reviews.