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We are looking at Group B today and Finland. These are only short, snippet reviews and we welcome your input, and pictures if you own the shirts.


The home shirt mimics the Finland flag with a blue blending to black cross over a white background. The Nike swoosh is gold for some reason where aesthetically it may have benefitted from blending into the colour of the cross.

Kitsman Rating: 6.4


A much more unconventional attempt with this away shirt. Collar obviously gets the thumbs up from us as does the colour combination of light and dark blue. The Nike logo even looks more appealing in gold against the background of blues and combines well with the golden buttons. The possible downsides are that it really doesn’t look like a football shirt – it looks like your classic polo shirt. Some would say that is an upside. Non-the-less this is a likable away shirt.

Kitsman Rating: 7.6

As always, let’s see what you think about the shirts. Leave your own reviews, get in touch on social media and keep an eye out for our other Euro shirt reviews.