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Being in the Championship this season is the furthest up the football league that Wycombe have ever been, but there’s something reassuringly familiar about their shirt, made by classic Gaelic manufacturer O’Neills, like they’ve been here for ages.

Maybe it’s the famous quartered pattern in Oxford and Cambridge blue, or maybe it’s the Dreams sponsorship that Wycombe have carried previously this century, but whatever it is I just feel comfortable looking at this. In a good way.

That pattern isn’t as clean as it has been previously, with opposing blue lines crossing each junction of blue on the front of the shirt, giving it a cross effect. Those lines match corresponding lines towards the cuff of each sleeve, with the blues alternating nicely across the whole of the shirt.

If I’m picking one hole in this, it’s that the added jazz of the design stripes in the background means that the middle of the sponsor’s logo in white gets lost a bit, not strong enough to stand-out sufficiently. It’s a minor gripe though.

Additional fluff for the Wycombe fans in ‘Chairboys’ printed on both the inside and outside of the back of the collar.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg