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Here come Kelme, like the new partner that gets leathered and tells your gran to eff-off the first time they meet the in-laws. They’re fresh on the Championship scene, and they’ve had a crack at the Watford shirts this season.

There’s loads going on: a yellow pattern that looks like a biblical yellow light bursting through the heart covers the whole front of the shirt, but then makes way for a marl effect on the sleeves. The Watford crest and Kelme pawprint are in rubber and fans assure us the quality is great.

Unless you’re a junior getting to show off your shirt in all it’s glory, you’ve got a betting promo included although the colours of all the additions tie-up in black, yellow and red.

Inside the neck you’ve got ‘Watford Welcomes’ values.

I do like the little hornet on the back of the neck.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg