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Here come the Spaniards, as Joma ride into Swansea, or should that be sail into Swansea, on the crest of the weird wave they’ve splashed all over this Swans home shirt.

The pattern really is the talking point here, as everything else is right on the money. White and Black are the only colours used – the white canvas shows-off the embroidered club crest and Joma logo, and the Swansea University sponsorship is right at home as you might hope. There’s also a high-cut V-neck collar with the back half in black matching the cuffs, which are elastic to really show-off those pipes / cut-off your circulation. In addition, it also says ‘Jack Army’ in black on the back of the neck, and ‘Swansea City AFC’ to really titivate the home fans, or help the more forgetful of them.

On to the wave pattern, then. It’s a load of dots, basically – think of a Jackson Pollock off-cut, or being splashed with mud by a mountain biker. Whatever it resembles, it gives me a headache looking at it, but of it doesn’t have the same effect on you then you might be coppering-up for this one.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg