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Credit where it’s due, Joma and Swansea certainly aren’t playing-it safe with their connection this season.

The same shirt layout and embroidered badges from the home shirt are here again, which is a good thing, but genuinely the only good things I’ve got to say about this shirt. It’s a shambles.

The problems all trace back to the colour scheme, mint and raspberry, and you now see the reason that the only time those colours ever mix is at the all-inclusive buffet in Benidorm, when some scruffy oik invades the mint ice-cream with the scoop just used in the raspberry ice cream. Cross-contamination is putting it politely.

There’s another jazzy pattern, fading in raspberry as it goes up the mint body. It sounds daft just saying it. Of course, there’ll be people out there that have been hankering for a mint and raspberry combo for ages, and fair enough if that’s you. I’m recommending professional help.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg