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Stoke bring us the return of the Macron for the final time in this year’s Championship, and there’s a familiar feeling to the Italian manufacturer’s other team-ups in the division.

We’ve definitely seen this template before recently – home shirt in traditional colours and design, with matching piped collar and cuffs. I think that’s fine, as Macron generally provide enough additional bits and pieces for clubs not to feel they’ve got an identikit or a half-arsed effort. That’s definitely true here, as the stock Stoke red and white stripes are flanked by red pinstripes to add an extra layer to the design.

There’s a couple of other belly ticklers for the Potters’ fans, too – their year of formation embossed subtly on the back of the neck, and the lyrics to one the favourite Stoker ditties ‘We’ll be with you’ inside the collar.

Both the club crest and Macron fella are embroidered, and fit in a treat across the chest. Of course, as it’s Stoke it says ‘bet365’ across the middle, as the club guarantee you’re never more than 5 yards from a bet365 logo at any moment. As a result, this shirt might be for those of you with an iron gut, or just those that don’t care about betting promo. The junior version is untainted by these adult vices, and is a lovely sponsor-free stripey toothpaste number.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg