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Not one for epileptics, this, with more zig and zag than an episode of The Big Breakfast (one for the 90’s heads, there). Luckily, I can handle the strobe lights of the Stoke super-club, and quite like this as a result.

It’s all about the zigzag pattern – at first glance it looks like it’s confined to the yellow raglan sleeves, but upon closer look the same pattern is embossed on the navy body, too, like you’ve been flattened by a monster truck.

Unlike the home shirt, there’s no song lyrics inside the collar so you’ll have to sing it from memory, but you do get everything coordinated nicely – sponsor, change-up crest and Macron men all in sync.

Team 365 and Macron have done well, here, if you’ve got the constitution for it.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg