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This is simple in design but still smart, a sure case of less being more.

It’s got pinstripes which immediately puts you at risk of looking like a Bugsy Malone cast member, but the colour scheme used dodges that particular custard pie.

It’s plain white (sound the ketchup klaxon), save for a navy-blue patch across the shoulders, with red and navy alternating pinstripes. That’s it really, there’s not much more to add. The woven crest from the home shirt is here too, but unfortunately all the stick-on logos are, as well.

The sponsor sits well on the front again, and there’s a different sponsor to the home shirt on the back – this one is Hughie Construction, which sounds like the entry in your phonebook when you know a construction guy called Hughie but don’t know his surname.

It’s nice enough, this, but just not quite enough fluff going on to get me fizzy.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg