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Classic with a few modern frills here from the Reading/Macron home combination.

The blue and white hoops synonymous with Reading are the cornerstone of the design – no need to mess with home classics like those hoops, however tempting some clubs seem to find it.

The sleeves are blue with a graphic design poking through on them to add a bit of spice, but I think the main party-boys here are the collar and cuffs tag-team. A white polo shirt collar has a chunky blue band round it with red trim. That’s mirrored on the cuffs, and those colours find their match in the colours of the Reading crest sitting proudly on the chest.

The back is predominantly plain white as only two of the hoops actually hoop all the way around the shirt, presumably to make way for easier naming and numbering.

Like so many others, Royals are another club in bed with the gambling gang, with the Casumo logo filling one of the hoops on the front. Junior versions carry the logo of Reading Science Services Limited instead.

Unlike me, if you’re not wrestling with Casumo then you might be wrestling with your bank balance, as, gambling promo aside, this is a nice-looking piece of kit.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg