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I’ve got no idea what the deuce is going on here.

It’s grey, and camouflage patterned, although not your usual military camo pattern as you can pick out various leaves in the design for some reason. Forest camo, perhaps?! It’s only camo on the front, though, with the back just plain grey. Let’s hope the enemy don’t sneak-up on you from behind.

All the various additions to this are in bright orange (like on all true camo garms) – whilst I get there’s some all-out jazz being attempted here; I can’t help think that keeping the additions in white like the other Forest strips this season would’ve served them better.

Always appreciate a team trying something from left field, but this is from a field a bit too far away for my liking, unfortunately. Maybe it’s from a field full of grey and orange trees? Joke’s on me in that case.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg