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One look at this took me right back to high school geography lessons, specifically the one covering contours on a map. It’s got wavy lines across it, inspired by the waves in the club’s crest, which I can’t claim to think of as particularly inspirational albeit they may mean more to Forest fans.

Whilst not really for me, it’s also pretty inoffensive and I’m sure will pique the interest of plenty. It’s a lovely shade of royal blue, and those wavy lines in yellow are at least interesting. Just don’t stare at them for too long or you might get seasick pretty quickly.

In addition to the titbits added to the home shirt also being present here, there’s also ‘Nottingham Forest’ and a couple of stars printed on the back of the collar as an extra something-something for Trees fans.

Football Index and UK Meds both here as sponsors, as with the home strip, but sponsor-less junior version is available.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg