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The Norwich blurb for this reads ‘our 2020/21 replica third shirt features bold patterns of intersecting shapes and lines in fuchsia, white and purple on the front’. It’s a pretty literal description, but also really undersells what is an absolute mess of a shirt.

It’s not for me, not at all, but there’ll be some giddy kippers out there salivating at the sight of this. As the party line says, the patterns are bold – by bold I think it means the patterns have no set pattern, but if a mess of black, neon pink, purple and white are for you, then this is your jam. Or if you’re Purple Ronnie.

For some reason Norwich have also ditched most of their crest for this shirt, going just with the Canary on a ball. Must be edgier that way.

Want the second sponsor on the back like your favourite player? Get your wallet out. Long sleeves available? Yes, if you haven’t had enough already.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg