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First glimpse at an offering from Erreà in the Championship this year, and their contributions hit the mark.

The colours are classic Norwich to me – loads of yellow, green doing all the tidying-up, and then a splash of white added to taste.

The body of the shirt is a wall of yellow, but upon closer inspection there are bunches of thin stripes to give it texture (it’s called jacquard fabric, don’t you know). Flanking that you’ve got matching green and white piping around the collar and cuffs. All looking classic and smart so far.

That just leaves the sponsor, so enter one of our betting buddies from stage right, Dafabet. Whilst their name is rubbish like most gambling company names, their logo is fine, so if you’re content with it on the shirt then this could be an all-round beauty for you.

There’s another sponsor on the back of the shirt, Badu Sports, which I like to think is Erykah Badu’s move into PE Teaching after giving-up the R&B game. If you want this on your shirt like the players have it, though, it’ll cost you an extra 2 quid from the club. Harsh.

Bonus points for long sleeve option availability.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg