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The colour of this is petrol, apparently. Whilst I like the smell of petrol, I don’t like the look of it, but appreciate this may really tickle some people depending on your palate.

That’s one gutsy move from Norwich, and I think they’ve made another by using pinstripes. Much like on a suit, if nailed then pinstripes can look elegant on a shirt. If not, they can look tasteless and a tad cheap. Unfortunately, this is closer to the latter in my view.

The collar and cuffs match in white, but the combo of alternating white and yellow pinstripes on the unusually-coloured shirt is just a bit too much of an assault on the senses. 2020 has shaken me too much to be able to handle this.

Usually, there’d be the consolation of a bonus point for having a long sleeve option. Not this time, though, as the pinstripes makes the long-sleeved shirt look like the pyjamas of an eccentric old rich man. Oh, and another 2 quid if you want the second sponsor that the players have on their shirts, Bidstack this time.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg