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Real modern-classic-based-on-old-classic-but-not-actually-based-on-old-classic-it’s-actually-brand-new vibes going on here. And I’m all for it. There’s something really retro-feeling about this, without it being based on a Millwall shirt of yore like so many other clubs seem to be doing at the moment.

It’s all driven by the sponsor, who’s branding has actually led the design of the shirt in a rare case of tail wagging dog. Kudos to Macron and Millwall for riding with it rather than chasing their own design ideas.

The white Mountain range, which is presumably where the chocolatiers rear their Huskies for milking, jags high across the front of the shirt and continues over the sleeves. The rest is red, like a sky that would get a shepherd buzzing, and is just a lovely contrast. There’s also a just a lick of white inside the point of the red collar that faces the point of the highest mountain peak on the front. Never thought I’d utter those words but it’s a nice addition nonetheless.

I’m normally petrified of white shirts as I’m a spiller, but I reckon an errant splodge of ketchup or 2 could pass as part of the design. Have they thought of everything?!

3 out of 3 for long sleeve Macron/Millwall availability, too. This combo have had a great season.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg