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Just take my money, Millwall. I’ll buy food next month.

This is the first Macron effort under the Championship microscope this season and it’s a ripper. Darrrrrrk Millwall navy blue is punctuated by some subtly embossed diagonal lines, and the collar is a corker – white V with a slight overlap at the point and 2 thin navy lines running around it.

The club crest, cuff trim and Macron badges on the chest and shoulders all tie-in nicely in white, and the latter definitely benefits from being logo-only and Macron naming-free.

Whether this really does it for you though is at the feet of the sponsor, which is large and loud. I’ve never heard of Huski Chocolate, so still don’t know if it’s chocolate safe for Huskies to eat or chocolate made from Husky milk, but either way it’s got serious legs as cult sponsor material. It’s just a lot easier to swallow a gigantic sponsor when you’re not having betting rammed down your throat by a shirt when you’re already getting it everywhere else you look in football.

Oh, and this is also available in long sleeves. Take your pick of various Alan Partridge gifs to celebrate that.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg