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I struggle to get excited by green shirts – they just remind me of old ‘keeper shirts, or the old thing about them clashing with the grass of the pitches. I’ll generally make an exception for this one, though, as there’s enough other jazz at the party to make it permissible in my weird mind of inconsistent kit rules.

This is half and half, but not cleanly, as the white and green fold into each other with a row of overlapping flecks right down the middle of the shirt. The sleeves then alternate in colour, too, with the Macron badges on said sleeves also differing depending on background colour. Yes, please.

A different collar to the home shirt, round neck this time, but another beauty with green and white banding that’s matched on the cuffs.

That big sponsor’s logo is in black, which is likely the best you can get it to look on that challenging background. There’s also an additional sponsor at the top of the back in the form of ‘the energy check’, whatever that is.

I like this quite a lot but I’m not going wild for it, although it’s also available in long sleeves so I might just pretend it actually is a ‘keeper shirt, and an ace one at that.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg