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Now we’re talking. Limited edition talking at that. Only 1800 issued, did you get one?

32Red have buggered off kindly abdicated for this ‘Boro third shirt, and what a difference it’s made. Whilst the cat’s away, indeed. In place of the usual sponsor is the logo of the MFC Foundation, and it’s positioning above the Hummel badge means the bulk of the shirt is left for our enjoyment.

True to the theme of the Home and Away shirts, this is a continued celebration of 25 years of the Riverside Stadium, and the ground’s roof is the subject of the illustration on the front in red and black lines on a plain white canvas. Whilst it popped out to me immediately, I appreciate that it might just be squiggles to some.

The stadium coordinates, added quietly to the other two shirts, are loud and proud on the back on this shirt to round-out the birthday celebrations. As usual with Hummel, everything matches in either red, black or white.

Comfortably my favourite ‘Boro shirt, and actually comfortably in my gang of favourites from this season generally. 32Dead.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg