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Sound the Hummel horn.

Hummel getting involved in club nostalgia and personal touches? They love it, just love it.

A large part of me loves this throwback to the opening of the Riverside Stadium 25 years ago as I remember that and the shirt well. It’s a lovely kit in design – smart collar with black plunge for show, deep red in colour which accentuates those famous white Hummel chevrons, and that famous white band round the centre.

And then, in march 32Red and muddy that sweet white band with their unnecessarily massive logo, like the neighbour that invites himself in and trails mud from his boots all over your cream carpet. Not content with blighting the Derby shirts with their betting prodding for the visually impaired, here they are again to tarnish my Ravenelli nostalgia. Honestly.

Ignoring that again, there’s a lovely addition tucked away on the back of the shirt – the coordinates of the stadium embossed into the fabric, alongside a snapshot of the girders that adorn its roof. This is the stuff we want to see. No idea if girders is the right word to use there, though.

With all the sponsor kerfuffle, the youth version is the winner here – no sponsor so you can flash that white band in it all its glory.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg