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This is a lovely piece of kit. I mean, if you like orange and can shake the feeling of looking like Naranjito when wearing it, then this is for you.

It’s the final of the Championship’s 6 Umbro efforts, and definitely one of the stronger ones – asymmetrical cuff colours, a dash of colour on the collar and made of a ribbed material due to ‘premium woven waffle fabric’ – delicious irony found in the marketing waffle, there.

The sponsor’s logo is clean and aesthetically pleasing, matching the Umbro stacked diamond, and the colours of the club crest find their own matches, too.

On the back there’s a little more to enjoy – that famous 135 year milestone is celebrated by a spectrum-like design covering all the colours of Luton shirts throughout the ages. There’s also another sponsor in the shape of Utilita, because they’re everywhere, and presumably because they wouldn’t turn down a ticket to one of the hottest kit parties in town this season.

I doff my cap, Hatters.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg