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This a nod to a divisive Huddersfield shirt of the past (93/94 yellow & purple Vileda), and whilst I don’t think this can hold a candle to that particular vintage, it’s still nice to a link to a club’s history made modern.

It’s also nice to see something a bit different from the Umbro/Huddersfield link-up after pretty unadventurous home and away efforts this season. Unlike the 90’s version though, the patterning is confined to the sleeves, and the naked body looks particularly exposed without a sponsor as a result.

They’ve also changed the colours of the crest to match the shirt – something I think works sometimes, but is tantamount to sacrilege with that magnificent Terriers badge.

The colour scheme isn’t for everyone so will again be divisive (Blazing Yellow – check, Parachute Purple – check), but the recently showcased sponsored versions may at least take it out of the training range and into the matchday category for you.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg