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This is likely a divisive shirt that’ll make you swoon or spew – I think it makes 3 out of 3 rippers from Coventry and Hummel.

Again, it’s the attention to detail and the effort taken that grabs me, along with the more obvious mix of blues and white, and the various patterns in-play.

The thinking behind the jazz is a celebration of Coventry being the UK City of Culture for 2021 – it ‘takes inspiration from the city’s story which celebrates the people, cultures and histories that have contributed to Coventry’s international reputation.’ As a result, you’ll notice various famous contributions from Coventry, including the jet engine, the bicycle wheel and the 5G symbol. Rumours are that 5G Covid conspiracy nuts think that this Coventry 3rd shirt is a super-spreader and are boycotting it as a result.

Added to all that are the Coventry skyline on the back and images of some Coventry City legends inside the neckline of the shirt – just little bits of Cov flavour that stir local and team pride.

Of course, to appreciate this shirt to its fullest you’ve got to look past the whopping great big betting promo on the front.

The Junior version is Boyle-free, and doesn’t suffer from its absence if you can squeeze into one.

There’s a secondary sponsor on the back of this shirt, too – Jingltree, which upon further investigation is a green-inspired Christmas tree service, and not the street name of a new strain that the local pusher has had shipped in for the festive period.

If I was a Cov fan, I’d be feeling pretty good about this season’s efforts and be adding all 3 to my collection. Future classics.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg