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Be still my beating heart. This belongs in a gallery under 24hr armed guard.

This is a half and half cap doffer to another old Coventry away strip, specifically the period from 1892-1898 when the club wore black and red. Hummel have got hold of it and dragged it forward into 2020 with all their now usual attention to detail and willingness to tickle the bellies of fans with bespoke titbits for their club.

The extras from the home kit are all here, and where the home one had the elephant from the club crest on the back, this one has a different piece – the castle. That’s a lovely touch that makes them feel part of a set.

Hummel have also alternated the colours of their chevrons to ensure there’s always black and red next to each other and the design doesn’t suffer.

Unfortunately, the gambling sponsor’s logo is also present, which is the only detractor in my view but the junior sponsor-less version is nothing short of exquisite. Go get it!


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg