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Cardiff are rolling with the only Adidas shirts in The Championship, and that feels like a coup. It’s the famous 3 stripes that often make a shirt on their own, and this is pretty much the case here.

There are some wavy lines in the background to break it up, but other than that this is clean cut – a nice, deep blue with crisp white stripes and logos.

The front sponsor is promoting both Malaysia and the owner’s company (as is his wont), and the logo stands-out as crisply as everything else. Samtrade FX provide an additional sponsor’s logo at the top of the back, they’re an ‘online trading brokerage founded to provide traders with safe, easy and low-cost access to foreign exchange markets’, which likely means as little to you as it does me.

Back on the shirt, there’s a little bit of lighter-blue trim thrown in on the neck and cuffs, and it’s always nice to see a woven crest.

All-in-all this is a smart exhibit from Cardiff, and one that could possibly be looked back on very favourably by their fans in years to come.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg