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Understated elegance from Umbro and Brentford, here.

Classic, clean red and white stripes, promoted by black pinstripes. I enjoy the way the white and black of the collar pours into the middle stripe, it seems to have a mesmerising liquid quality the longer I look at it.

The stripes are present on the back, too, which will always garner bonus points from me, but it pains me to say that marks are lost 6 inches from the top of the shirt, where the stripes end on the shoulders.

Top-to-bottom stripes have been abandoned in favour of a block red shoulder and sleeve section, and whilst raglan seems to be on trend at the point, this seems a bit of a stunted attempt at pulling it off, unfortunately.

As is always the case with multi-coloured strips, concessions have to made to make the sponsor’s logo seem at ease. Brentford have chosen not to block out a whole section for it, but this means extra white background has been added to the text to distinguish it from the pinstripes. This errs into the tacky, for me, but isn’t fatal and others won’t even notice it.

A decent effort, and one that Bees fans will surely look back on fondly as the first worn in their new stadium, despite the troubles trying to see it worn in the flesh.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg