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Is it woolly? Is it a misty morning? Is it an old TV with no signal? Whatever it is, I like it. (It’s actually just ‘marl’).

A simple contrast between shoulders/sleeves and body brings just enough variety to the shirt to get your attention, and not too much variety to give you a headache.

The sponsor looks well, where it struggled to find a home on the home shirt, and it’s complemented by a trendy ‘contrast’ club crest. Dissolving your club’s colours might not be for the purists, but they don’t half bring a shirt together a treat when done well.

There’s also some bonus red piping breaking-up the grey on the point of the shoulders. It’s in an unusual position but it serves its purpose well – surely that’s all we want to achieve in life? One of my Championship faves this season.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg