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This isn’t bad at all, but rides or dies on one feature – the collar.

The rest of the shirt is decent – clean, classic blue and white Rovers halves, the Lancashire red trim, proud crest on the chest and a little red rose at the top of the back for that extra bit of detail that makes all the difference.

But with the collar, indecision is final. Some of the design team must have wanted a v-neck, and some of them a full collar, so they split the difference with a bit of each. I’m of the view that if you can’t stand a collar up on its own to the point where it’s peaks almost touch at the front, then it’s not worth having one. Make your minds up, Rovers.

A quick word on the sponsors – I’m not a fan of the front one, but appreciate that Blackburn have a tough job nailing an aesthetically pleasing logo when their shirts are in contrasting coloured halves underneath it. I also chuckled childishly at seeing ‘Ramsbottom’ written on the actual bottom of the shirt. Apologies.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg