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An interesting mix here from Nike and Birmingham, with bits I love and bits I loathe.

The colour is spot-on – just the shade I blue I associate with Birmingham, and the triangular detailing is a nice addition to bring it to life a bit.

I like the colour block sleeves, and the matching side stripe and collar too (love a good collar), which is handy, as you’re likely to end up wearing this as a standard shirt after everything attached to it is sacrificed to the gods of the washing machine.

In addition to the seemingly stick-on Nike logo and club crest (sacrilege), there’s two separate sponsor’s logos to fret about. Firstly, BoyleSports on the front, which is a) a betting company, so murky in my book (although I get it, they’re everywhere and clubs need the cash), b) they’ve chosen to add an extra line to clarify that they’re a betting company (not Birmingham’s fault their name is unclear, and c) it always makes me think of having an actual boil.

Secondly, you’ve then got Sadler’s Brewing Co on the actual saddle of the shirt. Again, booze advertising isn’t for everyone, but their logo is a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and their name reminds me of Mat Sadler who used to play for Blues, of whom I’m indifferent.

All of which is irrelevant until you’re back at the club shop asking for a refund as the Boyle has made a mess of your chest and the Sadler’s came off your saddle as soon as you sat down.

In fairness to Birmingham, for the junior shirts where gambling and booze pushing is outlawed, they’ve still provided sponsors so those shirts don’t look empty compared to their adult counterparts. Not only that, but the junior chest and arse sponsors are in the shape of two charities – one local, one international. A nice touch. A mixed bag.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg