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This is a plain red shirt, and, like a child scraping through a school entrance exam, it’s got just enough about it to make it seem smart, but may find itself out of its depth in a sea of smarter shirts in the long run.

The problems with the sponsors and the apparent quality of the finish are present here again, but that’s been covered (at unnecessary length) in the home shirt review, so let’s focus on the positives – this shirt lives and dies by the raglan sleeves.

Whilst still red like the body of the shirt, the different tone and texture of the shoulder panel are enough to break it up sufficiently, with a further small stripe in a further shade of red in-between the shoulder blades a nice little slice of additional fluff that you never knew it needed.

There’s a completely different collar set-up to the home kit too, which I like as a distinct differentiator. This one is a ‘hybrid v-neck’, which seems to mean it’s not quite a v-neck but neither is it a round-neck. Who knew we needed more neck options?

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a slim-fit shirt, which may make or break your purchase of it depending on whether your counting calories or rolls.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg